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Getting started with Order Anywhere

In this article, we'll show you how to enable and set up Order Anywhere. Review the steps below for a general overview of this process, then follow the links below for detailed instructions on each topic.

Your steps before starting with Order Anywhere

  1. Contact our Sales Team to enable your new Order Anywhere account.
  2. Create your online menu: Create a custom online menu in the Back Office to organize items for your Order Anywhere page, if you wish. You can also link an existing menu to use for Order Anywhere.
  3. Adjust printing settings in Back Office: Adjust printer settings from the Back Office if you want a receipt to print immediately after an order is received.

Setting up Order Anywhere

  1. Log in for the first time: Get started setting up Order Anywhere by logging in to your account. When you log in for the first time, you will need to choose a location to connect to Order Anywhere if you have more than one restaurant.
  2. Enter your business information: Fill in your business name, address, and contact details that will be visible to customers on your Order Anywhere page.
  3. Set up online and in-person payments: Give customers a way to pay for orders placed via Order Anywhere by enabling online and in-person payments.
  4. Set up your business hours: Adjust the times during which customers will be able to place orders via your Order Anywhere page.
  5. Set up your profiles: Create a profile and link it to the desired menu. Profiles are also used for generating QR codes. This is used to give access to the Order Anywhere web page to your customers.

After setting up Order Anywhere

  1. Share Order Anywhere with your customers: Spread the word about online ordering by placing a custom button on your website or sharing your URL on social media.

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