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The Setup Guide includes an overview of the important steps you need to complete before launching Lightspeed Restaurant at your business. Each step is accompanied by a corresponding training session with a Product Specialist from our Onboarding team. Visit the Onboarding page for your region to learn about our onboarding services, register for webinars, or watch webinar recordings, or contact the Onboarding team directly from the Contact the Onboarding team page.

Along the way, our Support team is available 24/7 to help answer your questions, before and after you go live with Lightspeed Restaurant.

Once you have purchased the Restaurant software, you will receive an email with your login credentials. Log into the Back Office, select your appropriate business profile, and access the Setup Guide from the Dashboard page.

  1. Log in to your Back Office with your Lightspeed credentials.
  2. First-time users are shown the Welcome to Lightspeed Restaurant page. Click Let's go! to choose a business profile that best fits your business needs.
  3. Choose a business type (Pizzeria, Food truck, Pub/Club/Lounge, Fine Dining, and Hotel restaurant), then select Continue.
  4. Select whether a floor plan is needed, then click Continue.
  5. Of the four business profiles, the one which best matches your business is highlighted. Click Continue to access the Back Office with this configuration or choose another one you think fits better. Feel free to explore the Back Office and become familiar with the navigation.
  6. Review the Setup Guide. Select Home from the navigation bar, then in the Welcome banner at the top of the Sales Dashboard screen, select Setup guide on the right.
  7. An overview of the required configuration steps for Back Office setup is shown. Sign up for each webinar 1 - Menu setup, 2 - Account customization, and 3 - Hardware and payments via email or phone or use the Onboarding page.

Overview of Business profiles

Configuration Description
Fast service

Quick Service Restaurant with online orders and tables (cafe, fast food, or pizzeria) but no table service.

  • Floor plans
  • Counter service (direct sale)
  • Online orders
Casual or fine dining

Full table support (casual, fine dining, and hotel dining).

  • Floor plans
  • Table service
  • Online orders

Quick Service Restaurant without tables (food truck or ghost kitchen).

  • No floor plans
  • Counter service (direct sale)
  • Online orders

Counter or table service (limited or pop-up kitchen). Table service is not mandatory. Mainly drinks on offer and bar service.
You might want options for:

  • Floor plans
  • Counter service (direct sale)
  • Online orders
  • Table service

What's Next?

Once successfully registered for the webinars, start with the menu setup.

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