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Editing item lists of combos

Once you’ve created combos in Lightspeed Restaurant, edit them from the Back Office to change the item group order, add additional items to an item group, or delete items from a group.

As the structure of a combo is Combo > Item groups > Items, you can edit the list of item groups or items.

To change combo or item group details, such as the name and price, refer to Modifying combos.

To access the item list page:

  1. Log in to your Back Office with your Lightspeed Restaurant credentials.
  2. From the main navigation menu, select Menu management > Items.
  3. Click Edit next to the combo to modify.
  4. Select an option to edit item lists:
    • On the item group level: Click Edit the item list in the Items that are part of the combo section and follow Editing item lists or groups to edit the item group order, or delete item groups.
    • On the item level: Click the SKU number of the appropriate item group in the Items that are part of this combo section, then click Edit the item list to edit the items order, or add/delete items and follow Editing item lists or groups.
  5. Once you’re done editing, select Save at the bottom of the page.


Editing item lists or groups

Edit the item group list as follows:

  • Change the order:
    • Item groups: The order in which you create the item groups in your Back Office is also the order in which the POS user is guided through the combo. To change the order, click the arrows next to the group names.
    • Items: The order in which the items appear on the POS.
  • Delete item groups or items:
    • Item groups: Deleting an item group will delete the group and all the items of that group in the combo. Click - next to the appropriate group name to delete the group.
    • Items: Click - next to the appropriate group name to delete the item from the group.
  • Add items:
    • To the combo level: Add items to the combo itself. These items won’t belong to any of the listed groups. This could be a single entree but the customers choose what sides they want. For instance: The item Steak is added to the Steak combo and the item group is called Steak Sides. To add an item, use the search field and select an existing item from the list, then click + to add the item to the combo.
    • To the item groups: To add an item to the item group, type in the first letter of the item in the search field and select it from the list. Click + to add the item to the combo.


What’s next?

Import or export combos to add multiple combos at once, or export items for backup outside the Back Office.


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