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About devices

POS devices represent the physical hardware used to access the K Series POS app. You can manage your POS device settings from the Back Office > Configuration > Devices. Within the following articles, we will discuss POS devices, configuring POS devices, connection codes, and cash drawers.

In the articles about POS devices, learn how to manage your devices at your site via the Back Office. The POS devices under the K Series Back Office refer to the physical hardware the app runs on.

In the articles about POS configurations, learn about the settings you can apply to POS devices according to your establishment’s business needs. In addition, configurations connect the POS app to your Lightspeed Restaurant Back Office.

Connection codes can be understood as the keys which connect the POS app on your devices to your Lightspeed Restaurant Back Office account. After downloading the POS app, create connection codes from the Back Office, so you can then log in to the POS app.

Finally, learn more about Cash drawers at your establishment, such as configuring cash drawers and physical drawers and assigning them to your POS devices.

Access the following articles to learn more about managing devices from the Back Office:

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