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Training checklist

Go through the following checklist with managers and staff before launching Lightspeed Restaurant at your business as a guide for reviewing important workflows and topics. Click the links below to find detailed steps and information for a particular workflow, or use the search feature of the Restaurant Help Center to find additional information.

Before processing training orders on the POS, visit our Training POS users article to learn how you can keep training orders separate from actual sales totals in most Lightspeed reporting.


Administrative tasks

Log in to the Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K) app
Start a shift*
Clock in to the Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K) app
Count cash float and open cash drawer
End a user shift*
Print closing reports and follow closing procedures*
☐ Adjust the sales restriction on a particular product*
☐ Toggle between configurations


Basic table and order management 

Navigate through the screens and sub-screens to view all items
Open a table and place an order
Use the keypad to change the quantity of items to add to an order
Use the item edit function to change the quantity of an item
Delete an item from an order
Use the search function to search for a product
☐ Add a note to an item
Apply a discount to an item or an order*
Go to a table using the tables screen
Go to a table using the keypad
Adjust the number of seats on a table
Assign orders to a specific seat
Move an item from one seat to another


Advanced table and order management

Change the amount of covers on an account
Transfer an item from one order to another
Move an order to another table
☐ Start a bar tab and a takeout/delivery order
Use the orders tab to find your tab, takeaway and delivery order
Place an order with different courses
Change the course of an item
Send an entire order and individual courses to the kitchen
Using the tables tab, find out what course a table is on
Determine how long a table has been seated for


Manage checks and payments

☐ Print a receipt
Accept payment and close an order
Retrieve a closed receipt*
Refund a closed receipt*
Void a receipt*
Split a check by seat
Split an item between different checks
Move an item from one check to another
Split checks into equal parts
Print split receipts
Apply multiple payment types to a receipt
Add a tip to a closed receipt
☐ Refill a gift card
☐ Pay using gift card
☐ Check gift card balance


*task typically performed by a supervisor or manager


Download and print the Training checklist PDF


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