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About users

Create a user profile for each of your staff members to enable them to use Lightspeed Restaurant. Some employees only need POS access for clocking in and taking orders, while others may need Back Office access to handle administrative functions like updating menus. We recommend managing POS user permissions in bulk at the user group level to ensure everyone can perform the necessary functions for their role and nothing more.

There are two types of users in Lightspeed Restaurant:

  • POS users interact with the Restaurant POS app. You can configure them to only be able to clock in and out, to take orders and perform certain POS functions, or to have shift manager abilities (such as opening and closing sales periods).
  • Back Office users access the Back Office under their own set of login credentials. As with POS users, you can also customize Back Office user permissions to suit an employee's role. For example, Back Office users can be limited to only viewing reports in the Back Office.

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