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Creating a table order profile

Table profiles in Order Anywhere allow customers to contactlessly place dine-in orders within your restaurant using a specific menu. After creating a new Table profile, generate QR codes to place at each physical table. By scanning a QR code with their mobile phone or tablet's camera, customers can open the ordering page for the profile to place an order.

To watch a related video, visit our About Order Anywhere article.

Creating a new profile

Create a new Table profile so customers can access Order Anywhere to place dine-in orders from within your restaurant.

  1. Log in to your Order Anywhere Back Office. For help, visit our login article.
  2. Click My profiles on the navigation bar.
  3. Click Create profile.
  4. Enter a name for the profile.
  5. Select an existing menu from the Menu to use for the profile drop-down menu.
  6. Choose Table from the Select order type drop-down menu.
  7. Configure the Payment settings:

    Note: Payment settings will only appear in a profile after enabling online and/or in-person payments.

    1. To allow customers to pay for their order online via Lightspeed Payments or Stripe, toggle Online payments on.
    2. To allow customers to pay for their order at the POS, toggle In-person payments on. Select the payment methods you accept, drag them into the display order for the ordering page, and click Save.
  8. (Optional) Enabling tipping:
    1. Toggle Tipping on to allow customers to add a tip to their order total.
    2. Click Add to configure the tipping percentage and custom tip options shown to customers at checkout.
    3. Check the box next to each tip option to display to customers.
    4. Click the star icon to preselect a specific option by default.
    5. Click Save to save changes.
  9. (Optional) Customize which contact information the customer will be asked to provide at checkout:
    1. Click the switch for a contact field to enable or disable it on the Order Anywhere checkout page.
      • Available contact fields include Email address, First name, Last name, and Phone number.
      • Customers will not have to enter their information unless you mark the field as required (see step 9b).
    2. (Optional) Check the Set as required box next to an enabled contact field to require customers to complete the field before submitting their order.
  10. Click Create to generate the new profile.


Generating QR codes

Customers can scan QR codes with their device’s camera to access the Order Anywhere page where they place orders. Generate unique QR codes for the profile, print them, and add them to physical tables to give customers the ability to use Order Anywhere. For Table profiles, scanning a QR code will automatically link the customer’s order to the specific table where they are seated.

  1. Log in to your Order Anywhere Back Office. For help, visit our login article.
  2. Select My profiles on the navigation bar.
  3. Click the name of a Table profile you want to generate QR codes for.
  4. Click Generate QR codes.
  5. Select an existing floor plan from the Floor plan drop-down.
  6. Click Download PDF to download a PDF file containing unique QR codes for each table in the floor plan.
  7. Print the QR codes, and add them to physical tables in the restaurant for customers to scan.


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