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Configuring cash drawers

After creating a cash drawer in the Back Office, you’ll need to configure its settings and assign it to a physical drawer, POS device, and/or POS users.

  1. From the main navigation menu, go to Configuration > Devices > Cash drawers.
  2. On the Cash drawer page, select Edit next to the cash drawer you want to configure.
  3. Apply the desired settings to the cash drawer. To learn about each setting, see the Cash drawer settings table.
  4. Click Update to save changes.

Cash drawer settings

Section Setting Definition
Cash drawer Name Cash drawer Name Rename your cash drawer as needed.
Physical drawer Printer to use to send commands to the cash drawer

If a physical drawer is connected to a receipt printer via a cable, select the printer from the drop-down menu to link it to the cash drawer. After selecting a printer, additional settings will appear:

  • Cash drawer for this device - Choose the primary or secondary drawer connected to the printer.
  • Open the drawer when completing a cash payment - Automatically opens the drawer when a cash payment is accepted.
  • Open the drawer when completing a non-cash payment - Automatically opens the drawer when a non-cash payment is accepted.
  • 'Open drawer' user permission required to open the drawer during a transaction - The drawer will only open when the user logged in to the POS belongs to a user group with the User can open the cash drawer using the Open drawer button permission.
Cash drawers Counting options

Controls the behavior around counting the cash drawer at the POS:

  • Counting is disabled - The cash drawer cannot be counted at the POS and will always be opened for the default amount entered in the Initial cash amount at start of shift.
  • Counting is allowed - Users can count and enter a new cash drawer amount, or they can accept the default cash drawer amount without counting.
  • Counting is mandatory - Users are required to count and enter the actual amount of money contained within the cash drawer.
Initial cash amount at start of shift The default amount of money that the cash drawer will contain at the beginning of a shift. This figure can be overridden if the user counts and enters a different amount when opening a shift.
Allocate non-cash payments to this cash drawer instead of the server's float Adds non-cash payments to the Drawer report and automatically opens the cash drawer when a non-cash payment is accepted.
Connections Devices allowed to use this cash drawer Define which POS devices this cash drawer is associated with.
User groups allowed to use this cash drawer Define which user groups’ orders will contribute to the drawer amount.
User groups that can manage this cash drawer Define which user groups can open the drawer.


What’s next?

Now that you’ve set up cash drawer settings from the Back Office, you can use the cash drawer or user wallet feature on the POS. Using this feature enables you to count your cash before and after a shift. See Counting a cash drawer for more information on how to use a cash drawer with the Restaurant POS app.

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