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Whether you are getting set up or using the POS app, our tutorials help ensure you understand the basics.  Use the search bar above to type in a question, or browse our tutorials on the left navigational menu.


Tailored for pubs, bars, cafes, bakeries, hotels and both casual dining and fine dining restaurants, Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) is an intuitive and reliable restaurant management solution trusted by restaurateurs around the world. 

👩🏽‍💻 Build your menu, create users and user permissions, and configure devices all from the Back Office web application.

🤳 Take orders, assign tables or customers to a transaction, and process payments from the POS app


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What's new?

Version 4.1 of the Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) POS app includes exciting improvements and changes to the POS Order screen. While true to the signature Lightspeed (K Series) design, we’ve added new elements to enhance the POS experience.


  • Organize order items by course or seat while in Table Service mode.
  • Review orders with the Edit mode function.
  • While in Edit mode, bulk delete or assign unsent items to a course or seat. 
  • Easily access different screens from the bottom navigation bar: Register, Tables, Orders, Customers, Receipts and Settings.
  • Tap the the Status Preview tab (three dots on navigation bar) to get a snapshot of:
    • Network connectivity 
    • Device reload 
    • Printers
    • Online Order activation/deactivation 
  • Enhanced accessibility means more vibrant colours and the ability to switch between Dark/Light mode or a Left/Right-handed interface.
  • Updated words and phrases on the app offer a more intuitive experience, such as: clock in or out, send orders, fire a course or print a bill.