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Reopening Lightspeed Restaurant checklist and maintenance

Reopening your restaurant after a hiatus or vacation period can be stressful. There's a lot to prepare: menus to review, staff to train, and recipes to revisit — and all while getting reacquainted with the ins and outs of operating your business. To help you prepare and reopen as soon as possible, we've created a guide with some quick tasks that you can complete to ensure that Lightspeed Restaurant is ready to perform and help you serve customers.


Use the checkboxes alongside each step to keep track of the tasks you've completed.

Checking your existing hardware

Locate all iPads and confirm they are fully charged. Next, check for any outstanding iOS software updates. For instructions on updating your devices, visit Apple's article about how to Update your iPhone or iPad.
Locate all payment terminals, and take a moment to reboot them and ensure they have the latest updates and configuration.
Open the App Store and search for Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series to check for any pending updates for the POS app.
Connect all iOS devices to the correct Wi-Fi network so they can communicate with each other and Lightspeed.

Forgot your Wi-Fi password? Check the bottom of the router for it. On UniFi and IgniteNet hardware, the default password is the router's serial number.

If your business uses barcode scanners to add products to orders, ensure that the scanners are charged and connected. The Socket Mobile Scanner connects to the iOS device through Bluetooth. To confirm that it's paired to your device, go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iOS device and check that Bluetooth is enabled and that the scanner is listed as "connected" under My Devices

Checking your menu, products, and Back Office settings

Start checking your menu, products, and Back office settings by logging in to Lightspeed Restaurant Back Office:

Audit your items, combos, production instructions, screens, and menu as well as their associated prices and tax rates. The products and prices you offer may have changed, so make sure your menu is up to date for when you reopen.
If your business offers Pickup and Delivery options, ensure that you have account profiles with "Takeaway mode" enabled to help facilitate and track these orders.
Verify your floor plan. You may have added additional tables and floors, or taken some away.  Visit our article Adding floor plans and tables for more details.
Go through your users and make sure all users are current and assigned to their appropriate user groups.
If you use an online ordering platform like Order Anywhere or a third-party integration, make sure all of the items in your online menu are up to date and synced.

Checking your plan and extra POS devices

Review your plan and service style, and verify if the number of POS devices, printers, and kitchen display systems (KDS) that you have set up are still sufficient to accommodate your restaurant's workflows. If you would like to add additional licenses or devices, you can reach out to your Account Manager or contact our sales department.
If you have new printers to add, we recommend setting these up ahead of opening. Check out our Adding printers article for help with configuration.

 Checking your network setup 

Ensure that your network and power cables are properly connected to your devices. To start, locate each of your printers & payment terminals, and check that the cables are firmly seated, and check the status lights where applicable.
Your router, network cabling, and associated equipment (like access points) are essential for keeping your devices online so that your business can run. Check that these devices are not obstructed by any other equipment and that they are properly connected and powered on.

New features and functionality

We are always releasing new features. You can read up on any updates you may have missed here: 

Lightspeed Restaurant (K-series) Releases

Running a test transaction

Make sure that your restaurant is ready for business by logging in to the Lightspeed Restaurant app and running a test transaction.

We recommend logging in as a training user to run the test transaction so that your sales totals aren't affected.

  1. From the Lightspeed Restaurant app, clock in and open a new sales period.

    Note: Missing employees from the clock-in screen? Only users selected within the POS user settings section of your POS configuration will appear here. 

  2. Select a user and access the Register screen. From here, review your screens, buttons, sub-screen, combos, and modifiers.
  3. Tap several different items to add them to an order.
  4. Close the order by marking it as paid with Cash on the POS, and check the following:
    • The production docket was printed as expected.
    • The customer receipt was printed as expected.
    • The cash drawer opened (if applicable).
  5. If you're using an integrated payment terminal, run a second transaction and mark it as paid with Credit card to ensure that the payment request reaches the terminal as expected.
  6. Cancel the transaction on your terminal and then clear it on the Restaurant app by tapping the red C on the Register screen's numeric keypad.
  7. Void the test transactions you just created by following steps 7a-7d.
    1. From the navigation menu, tap Receipts.
    2. Tap the receipt you want to void.
    3. On the receipt preview, tap the green menu icon to open a list of actions.
    4. Tap Void receipt .

Need assistance?

Our team is here to help! You can chat with a live agent from Back Office by clicking Help > Chat with support. You can also chat with us here on the Help Center by clicking  Chat in the bottom right corner. Lastly, you can reach our agents directly from the Restaurant app by going to Settings > Support > Chat now.

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