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Logging in to the Back Office

The Back Office is where you build and manage your POS system. Add or edit POS settings, such as building menus, creating users and user permissions, and configuring devices.

Log in to the Back Office from a web browser. We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer to access the Back Office as it will be more responsive than a tablet or mobile device.

Logging in

After purchasing Lightspeed Restaurant, you will receive an email with your login credentials, which are the admin email and password. Only users with admin permission can log in to the Back Office. See About Back Office users if you want to permit other users to log in to the Back Office.

  1. Open an internet browser and go to the Back Office login page.
  2. Enter your admin email (username) and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, click Forgot your password? or visit Resetting your password for help.
  3. Click Login.
  4. Only for first-time users: Continue with Business profiles.


Business profiles

New users will see a Welcome to Lightspeed Restaurant page after they log in for the first time. This page will help you find a business that will automatically enable the most relevant settings for your restaurant. You can always change your settings later in Configuration > Configurations.

  1. Click Let’s go!.
  2. Choose a business type (Pizzeria, Food truck, Pub/Club/Lounge, Fine Dining, and Hotel restaurant), then select Continue.
  3. Select whether a floor plan is needed, then click Continue.
  4. Of the four business profiles, the one which best matches your business is highlighted. Click Continue to access the Back Office with this configuration or choose another one you think fits better.
  5. Optional - Explore the Back Office and become familiar with the navigation. See Understanding the Dashboard page and Navigating the Back Office for help. Visit the Getting started section to finish setting up.


Business profiles

Profile name Description
Fast service

Quick Service Restaurant with online orders and tables (cafe, fast food, or pizzeria) but no table service.

  • Floor plans
  • Counter service (direct sale)
  • Online orders

Casual or fine dining

Full table support (casual, fine dining, and hotel dining).

  • Floor plans
  • Table service
  • Online orders


Quick Service Restaurant without tables (food truck or ghost kitchen).

  • No floor plans
  • Counter service (direct sale)
  • Online orders

Counter or table service (limited or pop-up kitchen). Table service is not mandatory. Mainly drinks on offer and bar service.
You might want options for:

  • Floor plans
  • Counter service (direct sale)
  • Online orders
  • Table service

What's next?

Learn about the Dashboard page (Home) that summarizes activities taking place at your business.

Find your way around the Back Office navigation.

If you forgot your password, visit Resetting your password.

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