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Understanding item languages

You can add a detailed description to an item that is shown to the user on the POS. The description appears when tapping and holding the item for a few seconds. The customer may find it helpful to know more about the item, such as what ingredients go into the food or some background information on a particular wine. From the Back Office, you can set the languages used for description entry.

  1. Log in to the Back Office with your Lightspeed credentials.
  2. From the main navigation menu, select Configuration > Settings > Item languages.
  3. Select the enter field next to the Languages enter field and choose the required languages from the drop-down menu.
  4. When you’re done choosing languages, select the Update button.


By navigating to Menu management > Items in the Back Office, you can then add the desired description in the previously selected languages to new or existing items. For more information, see Adding items.


What’s next?

Once you’ve created items, they can be combined to create combos and choices (sequences).

Organize your items into categories (accounting groups).

Learn about modifiers, which can be production instructions or sub-items.

The menus section allows you to create specialized menus made up of main screens with items contained in each.

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