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About payment methods

The Payments section Configuration > Settings > Payment methods of the Back Office is where you can create payment methods, add payment terminals and configure payment processing.


Payment methods: When you use payment methods, you can define which payments are available when cashing in your POS. Add all payment methods used in your business, or edit existing payment methods. You need to specify a payment type when creating the payment method. While payment methods define the usage on the POS, payment types are the specific data for the corresponding payment method.

Payment types: When adding payment methods to your Back Office in Lightspeed Restaurant, you can choose from different payment method types. Input fields change depending on the selection. To see a list of Lightspeed-integrated payment types and terminals, see Understanding payment types.

Gift cards: Activate, recharge and check the balance of a gift card in Lightspeed K Series.

Transfer operations: Transfer operations take money from one payment method and add it to another. It’s helpful to create transfer operations from the Back Office to correct POS transactions without having to cancel the entire invoice. It can also be used when a payment method is going from no money to money, such as invoices or Gift cards. See Understanding transfer operations.

Payment methods and types are reflected on your reports and shared between business locations, so you only need to create them once. The payment method is also shown on the receipt, so the client can track how a receipt was paid.

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