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Adding POS Configurations

Set up a POS Configuration to edit the settings of your POS devices to suit your business needs and workflows. If your business has multiple POS devices with unique functions, you can create multiple POS Configurations and assign them to specific devices to either limit or enhance the functionality of the device.

Adding a POS configuration

  1. Log in to the Back Office with your Lightspeed credentials.
  2. From the navigation menu, go to Configuration > Configurations.
  3. Click Create.


  4. Enter a Configuration name and select a Configuration to duplicate from the available drop-down.
  5. Click Create to finish.

POS configurations quick actions

From the configurations page, you can perform a few quick actions to save time:

  • Click the three dots ••• within the same row as the configuration you wish to edit to show a list of available options:
    • Duplicate: Create a customizable copy of an existing configuration with the same settings.
    • Rename: Change the name of a configuration.
    • Delete: Remove an outdated or unused configuration. Important: a deleted configuration cannot be restored.
  • In the Linked menu column, click the menu to reveal a drop-down that allows you to quickly change the menu associated with a particular configuration.
  • In the Linked devices column, click the number in that row to see all devices linked to the selected configuration.

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