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Creating connection codes

To activate or log on to the Lightspeed Restaurant app, you’ll need a connection code from the Back Office.

A connection code is a secure and unique credential used for logging in to Lightspeed Restaurant app for the first time. Depending on your POS configuration and users, your establishment may need multiple connection codes.

Please note that you'll need a connection code to log in to the Restaurant POS (K) app each time the app is downloaded on a device. To view or create a connection code(s):

  1. Log in to the Back Office with your admin credentials.
  2. From navigation bar go to Configuration > Devices > Connection codes.
  3. Select Click here to create a new connection code.
  4. Once created, you’ll be able to view your connection code as either a numerical or QR code.
  5. Fill in the form to customize the code. Mandatory fields include Code description, Device type, Configuration, and Code expiration.
  6. Select Create a new code



Code Description*: Choose a name that reflects the device and location it will be used (for example, “Bar iPad” or “Patio iPad”). You can use the same connection code to connect multiple devices with the same POS configuration.
Device type*: Choose the device type (such as POS device or customer display).
Configuration*: Choose a POS configuration you wish the connection code to link devices to.
Code expiration*: Define how long the connection code is valid.
Single code: If you want this connection code to only be used once, select Single code. We advise not selecting this option if you have multiple POS devices at your establishment.


Editing connection codes

A connection code can only be adjusted while it is being created, and there is no way to edit it afterward. If you wish to edit a connection code, we recommend deleting it and creating a new one.

Deleting Connection Codes

If you ever wish to remove a connection code from your system, you can simply revoke it from the Back Office.

  1. From the main navigation menu of the Back Office, go to Configuration > Devices > Connection codes.
  2. Select Revoke this code.
  3. After deleting the connection code, an on-screen confirmation banner will appear.



What’s next?

After creating a connection code from the Back Office, you can scan them with the camera on your device or manually enter the alpha-numerical value on the POS (K) app to connect the device with your Lightspeed Restaurant account. For more information on accessing a connection code with your POS device, see Sharing connection codes.

For more information on connecting your POS device to Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series), see Logging into the POS (K) app

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