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Setting up the SevenRooms integration

SevenRooms is a Guest Experience and Retention platform designed to help hospitality businesses create outstanding experiences to increase profits and encourage repeat customers. By integrating with Lightspeed Restaurant, you can sync detailed restaurant purchases from Lightspeed to SevenRooms VMS in real-time, keeping track of all of your guest profiles, table statuses, and reservation history.

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Setting up the SevenRooms integration

Onboarding is guided by SevenRooms team after signing up, and includes help setting up the integration.

  1. Contact Lightspeed Support to request setting up the Real Time Notification for SevenRooms. 

  2. Once Lightspeed Support confirms your set up of the Real Time Notification, send your Lightspeed Business ID to your SevenRooms Onboarding contact, or to onboarding@sevenrooms.com.

  3. The SevenRooms team will complete the set up.

Frequently asked questions

  • When a customer walks in, they're checked in via SevenRooms and seated at their table. The table is then opened in Lightspeed, and automatically linked via the table number. The check data from the table is pulled every 30 seconds into SevenRooms in order to see live spend. When the customer is finished, they pay their bill with Lightspeed and the table is closed. The host can then mark the table as free in SevenRooms.

  • SevenRooms work at the venue level. 1 venue = 1 revenue centre.

  • Please reach out to support@sevenrooms.com for any integration questions.

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