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Setting up the MarginEdge integration

MarginEdge is a restaurant management solution that automates invoice processing, analyzes food usage, syncs accounting data, and more.

When integrated with Lightspeed Restaurant, MarginEdge will work with your accounting software to automate data entry. It will also process invoices and receipts to give you real-time, actionable insights.

Setting up MarginEdge

Onboarding is guided by MarginEdge after signup, and includes help setting up the integration.

  1. Request a demo from MarginEdge.
  2. MarginEdge will provide an Implementation Manager to guide you through setup.

Frequently asked questions

  • MarginEdge pulls and syncs your data from Lightspeed Restaurant nightly.

  • MarginEdge currently supports English (AU/GB and US) and French.

  • For help with integration and support, reach out to help@marginedge.com or visit the MarginEdge Help Center.

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