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Setting up the 7shifts integration

7shifts is an employee management system focused on the employee lifecycle, including hiring, training, scheduling, and paying.

When integrated with Lightspeed Restaurant, 7shifts pulls sales and labor data and uses it to power their scheduling AI. The AI then provides schedules tailored towards both employee needs and customer demand. For more information, visit the 7shifts website.

Setting up 7shifts

7shifts provides an integration guide to be used after signing up.

  1. Sign up for a free trial with 7shifts.
  2. Once signed up, log in and follow the steps in the 7shifts Lightspeed POS integration guide.

Frequently asked questions

  • 7shifts syncs data at the following moments:

    • When the initial integration is established, 7shifts syncs the past 90 days of sales data.
    • Each new sale is synced when 7shifts receives notification of it via webhook.
    • Daily for sales data only.
  • 7shifts currently supports English, French, and Spanish in Sales, and English in Support.

  • For help with integration and support, reach out to support@7shifts.com.

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