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Placing basic orders

Getting started guide

In this article, learn how to manage a direct sale order in the Restaurant POS app. Navigate to other articles in the guide using the carousel below.

Once you have completed the other setup steps, such as adding items and creating a menu, you can begin processing orders through the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app.

By default, your new Lightspeed Restaurant account will be in setup mode until you are ready to go live. This allows you to run practice sales without affecting your reports, as any orders processed during this time will be deleted once you decide to go live.

Creating an order

Starting a transaction is the first step in proving an enjoyable experience for your customers. Once an order is created, you can add items and modify the order based on your needs.

  1. Navigate to the Register screen by tapping Register in the lower navigation menu.
  2. To select a table to assign to this order, tap the table number on the keypad then tap Tables. The Order screen with the keypad highlighted.
  3. Confirm the number of covers on the table.

    You can also add additional covers by tapping Add a seat on the order page.

    The Order screen with an open order organized by seat. The button titled Add a Seat has been highlighted.
  4. Add all items to the order by selecting them from the menu on the right-hand side.

    While these steps cover a basic transaction, there is still so much more you can do to customize your experience and best serve your customers. For example, with Lightspeed Restaurant, you can add discounts, create invoices, and assign customers all from the POS.

  5. Tap Send to send the items from the order to the kitchen. The order will be placed on hold and considered an open order until it is closed out. The Order screen with the button titled Send highlighted.

Closing out an order

Once your customers are ready to receive their checks and pay for their orders, you can retrieve their orders from the Tables screen.

  1. Navigate to the Tables screen by tapping Tables in the lower navigation menu.
  2. Select the table you wish to close out. The Tables screen. The screen shows the current floorplan with 11 distinct tables. Table number 9 has been highlighted.
  3. Confirm that this is the correct table and tap Select. Details for the selected table.
  4. Review the order on the Order screen.
  5. Once you have confirmed that the order is correct, process payment by tapping Pay. The Order screen with the button titled Pay highlighted.
  6. Select the method of payment and amount received. If your customer has added a tip, you can enter that here. The Payment screen in Lightspeed Restaurant. The payment method titled cash has been highlighted.
  7. Tap Pay to complete the transaction.

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