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Creating a customer profile

Before adding a customer to an order, their profile must exist on Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K). To create a customer profile on Lightspeed Restaurant:

  1. Select the Assign customer button above the order view or by tapping the Customers tab at the bottom of the screen. 


  2. From the Customer screen, select Add customer


  3. From the pop-up window, confirm that the customer agrees adding their contact information to Lightspeed Restaurant by tapping the Continue button.


  4. Add the customer's contact information on the pop-up window. You may add the customer’s name, email, phone, tax identifier (in regions where this is applicable), address, and any other useful information as a custom note. From this window you may also enable Email notifications if the customer agrees to receiving emails from your business (such as an invoice or electronic receipt). 
  5. When you’ve added customer details, tap Select to save your customer profile. If you are creating a customer profile from the Register screen, the new customer profile will be auto-added to the order at this time.



NOTE: Creating a new customer profile will also automatically add the new customer to the open order.

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