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Setting up the Seiko MP-B20 mobile printer

The Seiko MP-B20 is a mobile printer allowing you to print receipts directly at the table when checking out your guests. Refer to the following steps to connect your printer to the Lightspeed POS system.

Checking the hardware and its accessories

Please check if you have the equipment necessary to set up the MP-B20 receipt printer. To set up the printer, you'll need the following equipment which ships with the printer:

  • Printer (Battery pack installed)
  • USB Cable (For optional wired connection setup)
  • Sample thermal paper

You’ll also need the equipment below which is sold separately:

  • Connected router (we recommend routers set up close to your hardware and printers)
  • iOS device installed with the latest version of the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app

Inserting paper roll

  1. Press the paper cover button to open the paper cover.
  2. Set the thermal paper into the paper holder with its printing surface facing the thermal head. If the paper is set in the wrong direction, the printer will not print.
  3. Pull the thermal paper straight out until the tip of the thermal paper extends over 2 inches from the paper outlet. Make sure that the thermal paper does not slant.
  4. Push the center of the paper cover firmly to close the paper cover.
  • The printer has 2 paper cutters on the paper outlet: one is on the printer side, and the other is on the paper cover side. Be careful not to cut your fingers while setting the thermal paper.
  • NEVER touch the thermal head immediately after printing because it may get hot.
  • DO NOT touch the print roller and gears in the printer. Doing so may cause loss of printing quality or damage the printer.

Connecting the printer to the POS system

After the physical setup of the printer, follow the steps below to connect the printer with the POS system.
Your iPad should already be connected to your POS network (via Wi-Fi or LAN). If not, we recommend that you read the article Changing network settings.

  1. Set up a corresponding printer in your Lightspeed Back Office and assign the driver Seiko Mobile2* Bluetooth to it.
  2. Open Settings on your POS device.
  3. Tab Bluetooth on the navigation bar.
  4. Turn off the printer if it is already on.
  5. To bring the printer in pairing mode, press and hold the power button for about 7 seconds until the power LED blinks quickly.
  6. On the iOS device in the Bluetooth section, tap on the printer from the list of available devices to connect the printer and device.
  7. Create a test order to send data from the POS device, and verify that the data is printed correctly.

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