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Setting up your physical cash drawer

All Lightspeed Restaurant bundles come with a physical cash drawer included. Which drawer model you receive is dependent on your region due to their differences in denominations. The setups involved for these different models, however, are essentially identical.

In order to accept cash payments on Lightspeed Restaurant, you'll need to set up a cash drawer in Back Office. After you finish with the setup of your physical drawer, learn more about cash drawers by visiting our article: Cash drawers.

Cash drawers

APG Minota 16x16 (NOAM)white-apg-minota.png
Safescan LD-3336 (EMEA)safescan.png
Lightspeed Branded VPOS (APAC)VPOS-Cash-drawer.png

The Safescan LD-3336 cash drawer has a microswitch compatible with the setting: "Lock order screen when cash drawer opens," found in POS configurations.

If you're planning to open your physical drawer manually, simply set it on your checkout counter and keep its key nearby in a secure place in your restaurant.

If you want your physical drawer to open automatically when you complete a sale, ensure that your drawer is attached to your receipt printer using an RJ12 to RJ45 cable.

What you need

To set up your cash drawer, you need the following:

  • Physical cash drawer (APG Minota 16x16 or Safescan LD-3336).
  • Money tray insert (already inserted in the cash drawer).
  • Cash drawer cable.
  • Keys (2).

Connecting your physical drawer to your receipt printer

It's important to connect the correct ends of the cash drawer cable to your receipt printer and cash drawer. Otherwise, your drawer will not open automatically. For this reason, pay special attention to the size of each end of the cable.

  1. Connect the smaller end of the cable to your receipt printer and the larger end of the cable to your cash drawer.


  2. Turn the key to the vertical position to unlock the cash drawer.

Your cash drawer will now open whenever you print a receipt.

What's next?

Learn more about Cash drawers.

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