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Staff Turnover

The Staff Turnover Report gives you a quick overview of the average revenue per employee by cover and receipt over a certain period and the employee’s performance compared to the average performance of all employees.

  1. Log in to the Back Office with your Lightspeed Restaurant credentials.
  2. Select Reports > Reports from the navigation bar.
  3. Click Staff Turnover.
  4. To adjust the reporting period, follow steps 4a–4b:
    1. Next to the calendar, select a period from the drop-down: Day, Week, Month, Year, Custom
      Note: When selecting Custom, a start and end date will be displayed. After setting the dates, click Update.
    2. Click the calendar icon and choose a day from the calendar.
  5. Select an option to define the display view:
    • Sales, tax included: Default setting that shows the report with taxes.
    • Sales, tax excluded: Shows the report without taxes.
  6. (Optional) Choose a reporting shift from the drop-down in the table to filter the report by reporting shift.
  7. (Optional) Filter by tag, if tags are set up.
  8. Review the Staff Turnover table and pie chart.


Staff Turnover table

The first column of the table shows the business name, the business location, and the names of the employees who have received and processed orders on the POS in the specified period. The table settings are filtered per employee and if there are multiple business locations, per location.

Column name Description


Number of receipts that have been processed.


Number of occupied seats across all tables with covers.


Total revenue.

Turnover %

Percentage share of revenue in the total revenue of the business location.


The Average Transaction Value is the Turnover divided by the number of receipts.


Performance of the employee’s ATV compared to the business location’s total ATV.


The Average Cover Value is the Turnover from orders with covers divided by the number of covers served.


Performance of the employee’s ACV compared to the business location’s total ACV.


Pie chart

The pie chart gives an overview of the percentage share of turnover of the employees per business location. Hover over a part of the graph to see the employee name, the turnover, and the percentage share of turnover.


What’s next?

The reports linked below are additional Staff Turnover Reports:

  • The Global Turnover report allows you to see total revenue by year, month, week, or day in a bar graph while filtering by employee or POS device.
  • The Monthly Turnover report shows the monthly sales from each accounting group broken down by day with the option to filter by employee or POS device.

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