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Monthly Discounts

The discounts given in a particular month are broken down by day and by discount in the Monthly Discount report. To access the Monthly Discounts, select Reports > Reports > Monthly Discounts from the main navigation bar. Use the dropdown menu at the top of the table to filter by users or devices. You can change the month displayed using the arrows in the upper-right corner.



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The reports linked below are additional report categories:

Sales reports provide a detailed breakdown of your sold goods and services, with net and gross data for a specific time period.

Fiscal Reports summarize all of the information and data pertaining to the company's financial performance during the fiscal year in question.

Location Reports contain consolidated data for all of the locations that are linked to your account.

Staff Reports show which employees were responsible for which sales during a specific time period.

Access Account Reports regarding orders, receipts, transactions, payments, printed receipts, and production tickets.

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