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Editing VIP card batch configurations

To change the settings for a batch of VIP cards, such as to limit which items can be discounted, use Edit configuration. Keep in mind that this will edit the entire batch of cards, not a specific card in the batch.

  1. Log in to the Back Office with your Lightspeed Restaurant account credentials.
  2. From the navigation bar, go to Customers > Loyalty cards > Card batches.
  3. Select the default VIP tab.
  4. Click Edit configuration next to the card batch you need to edit.
  5. Edit the form to make your desired changes. For a description of each form field, see the table below.
  6. Select Save to save changes.
Field Description
Name Name of the card batch.
Validity period From Start day that the batch is valid. This is an editable field.
Validity period To (Excluded) Expiring day. On this day, the card can no longer be used. This is an editable field.
Discount The discount is applied at the POS when the VIP card is scanned. Only existing discounts in the Back Office will appear here.
Filter rule (This offer…) Limit VIP card discounts to apply only to items in certain item categories (This offer applies only to...) or to exclude items in certain categories (This offer does not apply to...).
Filter rule (… up to) Determines the number of items on an order that will benefit from the discount.
Type here to filter Select the item category to which you want to limit the cards.

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