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Editing punch card configurations

To change your punch card batch settings, use the Edit configuration feature. These settings apply to the entire batch, not a specific card. If you want to offer multiple promotions, you can apply several rules to a batch, but the promotional items must be specific to each rule.

To watch a related video, visit our About punch cards article.


Editing batch rules

  1. Sign in to your K-Series Back Office and navigate to Customers > Loyalty cards > Card batches. 
  2. Select the PUNCH tab.
  3. Next to the card batch you want to edit, click Edit configuration.
  4. Configure the rules for your punch card batch. For a description of each field, view the following table.
  5. (Optional) To offer multiple promotions, apply another set of rules to the batch by clicking the + button.
  6. Click Save.


Batch rules

Field Description
After the client buys XX items of any of the following...

Set the number of items a customer must purchase before they can redeem their punch card for the reward item.

No items selected...

This is the item that must be purchased. Select an item group or a specific item. If you select an item group, any items in the group qualify for the promotion.

he/she will get one of the following items...

This is the promotion’s free item. Select an item group or a specific reward item. If you select an item group, any items in the group qualify as the reward item.

This offer is valid from XX to XX.

The start and expiration date for the card batch.

Offer description

Enter a description of the promotion.

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