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Managing Order Anywhere's appearance

Upload a banner image and logo to add your branding to customer-facing Order Anywhere pages. When placing an order, customers will see your restaurant's imagery at the top of the page.

To watch a related video, visit our About Order Anywhere article.

  1. Log in to your Order Anywhere Back Office.
  2. Click Settings on the navigation bar.
  3. Select the Appearance tab (default).
  4. To add a banner image to the header of Order Anywhere, follow steps 4a–4c:

    Note: If you don’t add a banner image or you remove an existing one, Order Anywhere will display a stock image to customers instead.

    1. Drag and drop the desired file into the box next to Banner image, or click the box to browse for the image.

      Important: Banner images must be .JPG or .PNG format, under 1 MB in size, and 1080px or higher in resolution.

    2. (Optional) Enable the Table and/or Menu browsing settings to display the image on those types of order profiles. 

      By default, banner images only appear for pickup order profiles unless you enable these additional options.

    3. (Optional) To remove the banner image, click Delete.
  5. To add a logo that will replace your restaurant name in Order Anywhere, follow steps 5a–5d:

    Note: Separate light and dark mode logos can be uploaded. If you upload one logo, it will be used for both modes. If you don’t add a logo or you remove all existing ones, Order Anywhere will display your business name to customers instead.

    1. Drag and drop the desired file into the box under Light mode or Dark mode, or click a box to browse for the image.

      Important: Logos must be .JPG or .PNG format, under 5 MB in size, and 1700px or higher in resolution. In light mode, logos appear on a white background. In dark mode, logos appear on a black background.

    2. (Optional) Repeat step 5a for the other color scheme.
    3. Click Preview how your logo will look to view how the logo(s) will appear to customers on both desktop and mobile devices.
    4. (Optional) To remove a logo, click the trash can icon.
  6. Click Save to save changes.

The image below shows an Order Anywhere page with a customized header, including a banner image and logo.


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