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Setting up the OpenTable integration

To use the OpenTable integration, you'll need an OpenTable account. If you haven’t created an account yet, visit OpenTable to get started.

OpenTable is a reservation platform helping you to manage and seat reservations in your restaurant. This way, you can shorten waiting times and use the maximum capacity of your restaurant.

The OpenTable integration with Lightspeed Restaurant synchronizes OpenTable guest and reservation data to Lightspeed and sends financial data back to OpenTable.

Enabling the OpenTable integration

  1. Log in to the Back Office with your Lightspeed Restaurant credentials.
  2. In the menu bar, select Integration > Reservations.
  3. In the OpenTable section, click More Details.Restaurant-BO-OpenTable-More-Details.png
  4. Click Enable Integration.
    Note: A new browser tab will open and load the OpenTable Guest Center web app, where the integration can be enabled.Restaurant-BO-OpenTable-Enable-integration.png
  5. Log in to the OpenTable Guest Center (web app) or OpenTable for Restaurants app (mobile app) with your OpenTable credentials.
  6. Click Integrations from the navigation menu.
  7. Select Lightspeed from the list of integrations.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to link the accounts.


Configuring the OpenTable settings

Once the integration has been enabled, receipt and course settings are available in the Back Office to customize the behavior of the integration.

  1. Navigate to Integration > Reservations and click OpenTable to access the settings.
  2. Define the OpenTable settings including receipt and course settings.


OpenTable settings

Receipt settings

When a guest is seated in OpenTable, Lightspeed will automatically create a new receipt on the specified table with the customer attached. This behavior can be customized in the Receipt Settings section.

Setting name Description
Disable receipts for reservations By default, receipts are created in Lightspeed when the guest is seated. To disable this feature, toggle on the setting.
Disable receipts for walk-ins When toggled off, a receipt is created in Lightspeed for walk-in guests. To disable receipt creation for walk-ins, toggle on the setting.

Course settings

For the table status to update automatically in OpenTable as the meal progresses, Lightspeed statistic groups need to be mapped to OpenTable statuses.

To add a statistic group:

  1. Select Menu management > Accounting groups in the Back Office.
  2. Edit an existing accounting group to add a statistic group. Access FAQs for information on statistic groups.

To map the statistic group to a course:

  1. Click the Add button for each course.
  2. Select the statistic groups that correspond to the table status.



What's next?

Use the OpenTable Guest Center web app to manage reservations.

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