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Online ordering

Use the Restaurant POS app to track and manage orders placed via your integrated or non-integrated online ordering systems. To set up your account for online ordering, you will first need to create an account profile used specifically for orders placed online. 

Important: For online orders to sync directly to the Restaurant POS app, you must set up Order Anywhere or contact us to activate a third-party delivery integration, such as Deliverect. Without an integrated ordering platform, you will need to manually enter orders received online in the Restaurant POS app.

Configuring online ordering

Online orders use a designated account profile for placing orders. To begin setting up online ordering, add an account profile with Takeaway mode enabled for either delivery or pickup

To offer both delivery and pickup, set up a unique account profile for each distribution method. One for delivery, and another for pickup.
  1. Log in to the Back Office with your Lightspeed Restaurant credentials.
  2. Click Configuration > Settings > Account profiles.
  3. Click Add an account profile to create a new account profile, or click Edit to modify an existing one.
  4. Enter a name for the account profile. We recommend using the name of your online ordering platform.
  5. Set Takeaway Mode to either Pickup or Delivery.
  6. (Optional) Adjust additional settings as necessary. For help with these settings, visit Adding account profiles. 
  7.  Click Save to finish.

For integrated online ordering, either Order Anywhere or Deliverect are required. Contact us and our support team will connect the account profile you’ve created to your online ordering integration.

Entering online orders manually

If using a non-integrated online ordering system that doesn’t send orders directly to Lightspeed, enter the orders manually to manage them in the Restaurant POS app.

  1. A customer places an order via a non-integrated online ordering platform.
  2. In the Lightspeed Restaurant app, tap Register.
  3. Tap Actions.
  4. Select the account profile intended for either delivery or pickup orders.
  5. Assign a customer to the order, if required in the account profile’s settings.
  6. Add items to the order. 
  7. Tap Send to issue the order to the kitchen.

Once sent to the kitchen, the order will appear in the Pickup / Delivery section of the Orders screen.


Viewing and managing online orders

To view and manage orders made online:

  1. In the Lightspeed Restaurant app, tap Orders.
  2. On the Order management screen, tap Pickup / Delivery.
  3. (Optional) Slide the screen left to right to scroll through the available columns.
  4. (Optional) Use the Mark as button to advance the order to the next phase of production: Ready for delivery, Delivered, etc.
  5. (Optional) Use the More actions button to update the order status or pickup time.

You can determine how each order was placed by referring to the Channel column.

For complete information on using filters and what you can do from this screen, visit Understanding the Order Management screen.

Enabling and disabling online orders

In the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app, go to the Status Preview tab to control whether integrated online orders can be placed. Disabling online orders prevents customers from placing items in their cart and shows that your location is currently closed for online orders.

This only disables integrated online orders which sync directly to your POS device. Non-integrated online orders can still be entered manually.
  1. Tap the four dots on the navigation bar (Status Preview tab).
  2. Tap the shopping bag icon shopping-bag__1_.png within the status menu.
  3. Use the prompt to enable or disable online orders as needed.


What’s next?

Learn more about our integrated online ordering system, Order Anywhere.

Learn more about how to view and manage online orders. See Understanding the Order management screen.

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