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Logging in to the Lightspeed Delivery Dashboard

Log in to the Lightspeed Delivery Dashboard to view incoming orders and manage delivery menus, products, and other aspects of your Lightspeed Delivery account.

  1. Visit https://lightspeed.deliverect.com/.
  2. Follow the steps to log in with an email and password, with Facebook, or with Google: 

    To log in with an email and password, follow step 2a:

    1. Enter your login credentials, then click Log In.

    To log in with Facebook or Google, follow steps 2a–2b:

    1. Click Continue with Facebook or Continue with Google
    2. Follow the prompts to sign in.

What's next?

  • Sync items from Lightspeed Restaurant to Lightspeed Delivery, and add or edit delivery menus, products, and more. Visit Managing menus and products for more information.
  • Learn how third-party online orders flow from each delivery channel through Lightspeed Delivery to the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app. Visit Accepting Lightspeed Delivery orders for more information.
  • View reporting on orders placed via the delivery channels connected to your Lightspeed Delivery account.

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