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Managing gift cards 2.0 in Back Office

These instructions only apply to the new Lightspeed gift card version. If you are using the old gift card version and want to switch, follow the instructions in our Setting up gift cards 2.0 article.

You can view and manage your gift cards directly from the Back Office. 

  1. Log in to your K-Series Back Office.
  2. Navigate to Customers > Gift cards > All cards in the main menu. 
  3. On the Gift cards page, use the case-sensitive search to find a gift card. You can search by system ID, batch name, or customer email. You can also refine your results using the Customer status, Gift card status, and Latest activity filters.
  4. After locating the gift card, click the pencil icon to open the Edit Gift Card page. Here you can perform the following actions:
    • Check a gift card balance
    • Assign a customer to a gift card
    • Scan or download the gift card's QR code.
    • Deactivate or activate a gift card
    • View a gift card’s transaction history and transaction receipts

Gift card summary



Setting Description
Balance The gift card balance. This cannot be edited in the Back Office. You can, however, refill or redeem the gift card at your POS.
Activate gift card

Click to activate or deactivate a gift card. Before deactivating a gift card, we recommend that you refund the customer for the gift card purchase.

Scan to redeem This setting is enabled automatically for online gift cards generated at the POS. For gift cards generated in a batch, you configure this setting when creating the batch. This setting cannot be edited once a gift card or gift card batch has been created.

The UUID is a unique code assigned to your gift card by the Back Office. This cannot be edited.

QR Code

Scan this QR code to activate the gift card. You can also download the code to generate a physical gift card.


Customer details

Setting Description
Customer Use this field to assign a new or existing customer to the gift card. This setting cannot be edited for online gift cards, which are assigned a customer at the POS.


Transaction history

Setting Description
Type This column shows the type of transaction performed on the gift card. Withdraw means the gift card was used to pay for an order and Refill means an additional amount was loaded onto the gift card at the POS.
Employee name

The name of the staff member who sold the gift card.


The date and time the transaction was performed.

Amount The amount that was withdrawn or refilled.
Balance The balance remaining on the gift card after the transaction was performed.
Status The status of the transaction.
View Receipt

Click to view the transaction receipt.


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