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About Purchase

Use the Purchase component of Inventory to quickly create detailed purchase orders, send them to your suppliers, keep track of when orders are received, and update your stock levels. See the table below for the various purchase order statuses and what they entail.

To access the Purchase page

  1. Log in to the Inventory module with your Lightspeed credentials.
  2. From the navigation menu, select Purchase.

Visit these articles to learn how to use Purchase features:

Purchase order statuses

Status Description
Draft Purchase order has been saved as a draft and is ready for review.
Placed You have reviewed the purchase order and sent it to the supplier.
Delivered Purchase order is marked as having arrived on site but has not yet been checked for discrepancies or put away.
Received Purchase order has been checked for discrepancies and received into inventory.
Canceled Purchase order has been deleted or canceled by either you or an employee.



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