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Advanced Insights is currently available to Lightspeed Restaurant customers in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. To get access to this feature, contact your Sales Account Manager or Lightspeed Support.

Use Logbook for staff communication and to track the day’s events and activities. You can customize your Logbook questions, add new checklists, and require shift notes. Logbook is accessible from your K-Series Back Office, your POS, and the Lightspeed Restaurant Live app so that you can monitor your business activity from anywhere.

Accessing Logbook

  1. Sign in to your Advanced Insights dashboard.
  2. At the top of the navigation menu, click the Locations drop-down and select a location. Logbook can only be viewed for a single location at a time.
  3. In the main navigation menu, click Logbook.
  4. By default, Logbook displays today's data. To choose a different day, click the arrows on either side of the date or select a day from the Logbook calendar. You can view the day's sales summary, read and respond to staff comment, or customize your Logbook questions.


Understanding the Logbook calendar

The calendar on the right gives you information by month. You can choose the following categories from the View by drop-down menu:

Metrics Description
Weather Weather can affect your business day. The weather types are sunny, partially cloudy, cloudy, rainy, or snowy.
Covers The total number of covers per day.
Guest checks The total number of guest checks per day.
Reviews This feature is in development.

Customizing your Logbook questions

Customize your Logbook questions so that your staff members can keep you updated on issues particularly important to you and your business. 

  1. In the navigation bar, select Logbook.
  2. On the Logbook page, click the Customize logbook questions button.
  3. On the Available questions page, hover over a question to edit or delete it.
  4. To add a new question, click Add new question. Enter your question in the Question field and use the Type drop-down to select Text, Checklist, or 5-star rating.



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