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Adding orders for takeaway

Use the Restaurant POS app to create, track, and manage takeaway orders that are placed in person or over the phone. To start creating takeaway orders, you will first need to make an account profile with Takeaway Mode enabled.

If your takeaway orders are placed through an online ordering integration, visit our Online ordering article for instructions on how to set up an account profile for online ordering.

Setting up an account profile for takeaway

Before you can create takeaway orders through Lightspeed POS, you’ll need to set up an account profile in Back Office with Takeaway mode enabled for either delivery or pickup. Note: To make it easier to distinguish between delivery and pickup orders, we recommend setting up a unique account profile for each distribution method—one for delivery and another for pickup.

  1. Log in to the Back Office with your Lightspeed Restaurant credentials.
  2. Click Configuration > Settings > Account profiles.
  3. Click Add an account profile to create a new account profile, or click Edit to modify an existing one.
  4. Enter a name for the account profile. We recommend naming it according to how the order is placed, e.g., In person or Phone order.
  5. Set Takeaway Mode to either Pickup or Delivery.


  6. (Optional) Adjust additional settings as necessary. For help with these settings, visit Adding account profiles.
  7. Click Save to finish.

Creating a takeaway order

Once the takeaway account profile is set up, enter the orders manually to track and manage them in the Restaurant POS app.

  1. Tap Register in the Lightspeed Restaurant app.
  2. Tap Actions.


  3. Select the account profile intended for either delivery or pickup orders.
  4. Assign a customer to the order if required in the account profile’s settings.
  5. Add items to the order. 
  6. Tap Send to issue the order to the production center, such as the kitchen or bar.

Once sent to the kitchen or bar, the order will appear in the Pickup / Delivery section of the Orders screen.


Viewing and managing takeaway orders

To view and manage takeaway orders:

  1. In the Lightspeed Restaurant app, tap Orders.
  2. On the Order management screen, tap Pickup / Delivery.
  3. (Optional) Slide the screen left to right to scroll through the available columns.
  4. (Optional) Use the Mark as button to advance the order to the next phase of production: Ready for delivery, Delivered, etc.
  5. (Optional) Use the More actions button to update the order status or pickup time.

For more information on filters and what you can do on this screen, visit Understanding the Order Management screen.

What’s next?

Learn more about our integrated online ordering system, Order Anywhere.

Learn more about viewing and managing online orders by visiting our Understanding the Order management screen article.

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