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About Hours

The Hours section of the Back Office provides an overview of all user shifts logged in and out on the POS. Besides giving an overview, you can also manually add user shifts by using the Monthly hours and New Session page. Export, save and print reported shifts from the Hours section so that you can access this data anytime beyond the Back Office.

Overview page

The Overview page provides a summary of all user shifts on the POS. Access the Overview page by selecting Hours > Overview from the main navigation menu of the Back Office. From this page, review employees shifts for specified sales periods. Filter by user and/or sales period with the Specific period field.


Monthly hours page

The Monthly hours page provides an overview of all user shifts within the current month, sorted by Staff or Day. Access the Monthly Hours page by selecting Hours > Monthly Hours from the main navigation menu of the Back Office.. From the Monthly hours page, you can also export the whole table of data or a specified row of data by selecting the export function. If you would like to print the information given by row, select Print. The Audit button provides a detailed overview of the employee activities- For instance, when the cash drawer was manually opened or when the employee started their user shift.

Restaurant-BO-Monthly-Hours.pngWhat’s next?

To manually add a session, see Adding user shifts.

See editing or deleting user shifts to apply changes on existing sessions.


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