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Understanding transfer operations

Transfer operations take money from one payment method and add it to another. It’s helpful to create transfer operations from the Back Office to correct POS transactions without having to cancel the entire invoice. It can also be used when a payment method is going from no money to money, such as invoices or gift cards. For instance, a customer wants to settle an open invoice payment. The payment method then changes from invoice, to the corresponding payment method used, such as Master card. The prerequisite for using transfer operations is that the payment methods are already created in the Back Office. See Adding payment methods for further information.

Transfer operations can be added and modified from the Back Office. To use transfer operations on your POS, you can add a transfer operation button to a menu. See About menus for further information on how to add buttons to menus. To use the button, the user needs the respective right "User can transfer items from one account to another". See About POS users for further information on how to assign appropriate rights from the Back Office.


What’s next?

Add transfer operations needed from the Back Office.

Once transfer operations are created on Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series), you can always modify them from your Back Office. See Editing transfer operations.

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