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About settings

The Lightspeed Restaurant Back Office contains settings for your business, orders, taxes, voids, and reporting. Adjust these settings as needed to align with business needs and customize how Lightspeed Restaurant works.

To access the Settings section, select Configuration > Settings on the Back Office navigation bar. Visit the following articles to learn more about settings:

  • Business settings: Enter important business details like a name and address, add custom messaging to receipts, enable time tracking, and change whether margins are calculated with or without tax.
  • Account profiles: Account profiles are order types that apply specific settings when added to an order in the Restaurant POS app. For example, an order profile could be configured to automatically set the POS to delivery mode, add a service charge, and print a draft receipt when an order is created.
  • Tax settings: Enter the different tax rates the restaurant charges to add them to the system, set up tax profiles to determine when each tax is charged, and assign tax profiles to accounting groups to control which categories of items each profile applies to.
  • Web extensions: A web extension opens a link or URL in the Restaurant POS app when tapping a linked menu button. 
  • Void reasons: Set up void reasons that can be selected at the POS when canceling an order item (for example, when there is spillage). Void reasons appear in Back Office reporting to show why items were prepared but not billed.
  • Reporting settings: Adjust reporting settings to define the periods, or reporting shifts, shown in some financial reports and to set up automations that will automatically deliver reports via email.

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