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Adding printing profiles

To print with Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series), you'll need to create printing profiles from the Back Office. A printing profile includes the settings that control whether a printer will print copies of receipts or order tickets and whether another printer should be used as a backup printer.

Adding a printing profile: 

  1. From the navigation bar go to Configuration > Printing > Printing profiles.
  2. Select + Add profile to create a new profile on the Back Office.
  3. Fill the profile form.
  4. Select Save to add the changes to the profile.


Name Give the profile a name and enter it.
Copies Set the number of copies using the slider.
Add a header when printing on a fallback printer If desired, activate the checkbox.
Checkbox Selected printers Note: After choosing the printers, use the blue arrows to rearrange the printers' order.
Checkbox Other printers

By selecting this checkbox, the fallback printers are defined.

NOTE: When a device prints a receipt on a printing profile, it first tries to print on the first printer in the list. If this printer is turned off or cannot print, the device will attempt to print on the second printer in the list, and so on.


What's next?

Now that you've created a printing profile, you'll need to link it to a POS configuration, floor plan, or POS device. See Linking printing profiles.

If you ever need to update or delete a printing profile, you can do so from the Back Office. See Editing or deleting printing profiles.

To learn more about printing with K Series, see our tutorials on printers, production centers, and receipt and invoice templates

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