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Adding and editing receipt templates

A receipt can be understood as the paper or electronic record proving the sale of products or services to a customer. The receipt is usually printed or emailed to the customer immediately after the transaction. From the Back Office, you can create, edit and delete receipt templates. A receipt template includes a set of parameters allowing you to design how your receipts are printed.


Understanding receipt types

There are three main different types of receipts: Normal, Note and Invoice. When formatting your invoice templates, specify which receipt type (or mode) you wish to use:

Normal mode: Print layout for customer receipts.
Note mode: Print layout for draft customer receipts.
Invoice mode: Print layout for invoice receipts.

Editing receipts

To edit receipts, choose the printing type (mode) and then configure its design.

  1. From the main navigation bar of the Back Office go to Configuration > Printing > Receipt.
  2. Select the mode desired to modify (Normal, Note, or Invoice).

Change content

Should you need to change the content for any reason, you could follow these action points.

  1. At the left side of the editing area hover over the rows. Rows that are editable will change into an input line.
  2. Select the row desired.
  3. Enter your new information.
  4. Select Apply changes.

Change layout

If you want to edit the layout please follow these steps.

  1. Select the row desired to change layout options.
  2. At the right side of the editing area you can use editing tools to customize the rows selected.
  3. Make your changes for the layout. The specific formatting tools are explained by hovering on the buttons and in the table below.
  4. Select Apply changes.



+ Change logo lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-change_logo.png Use this button to add or change a logo.
Align left lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-right.png With this option your entered text will be left-aligned.
Align center lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-center.png

This option aligns the entered text to the center.

Align right lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-left.png This option aligns the entered text to the right.
Normal text lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-normal.png Set the text to normal size and width.
Bolded text lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-bold.png Format the text in bold.
Double width lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-double_width.png The text will be displayed in double size.
Double height lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-double_height.png Set the text to double height.
Double width/height lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-double_width_height.png Combine double width and height.
Upward lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-upward.png Set a specific line higher.
Downward lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-downward.png Set a specific line lower.
Text in upper case lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-upper_case.png Display the whole text of the row in capital letters.
Replace with company name lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-replace.png You can switch between your company or trade name.
Remove line lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-remove.png Delete the line.
+ Add header line lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-add_header.png You can create a new line in the upper area of the receipt for further layouting.
+ Add footer line lsk-printing-receipt-layout_tool_buttons-add_footer.png For further layouting, you can create a new line in the bottom area of the receipt.


Deleting receipts

To make a long story short, there isn’t a functionality to delete a template of any mode. There has to always be a template to be in charge of receipts in any way. So it is only possible to edit a current template. How you can edit a template is explained in the Editing receipts section.


What’s next?

We're glad you've made it this far. Now that you know everything important about receipt templates, you should continue with the next topic to familiarize yourself with letter formatted invoices as well.

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