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About POS users

From the Configuration > Users > POS users page, you can add, edit or delete users. The POS users page displays all users who can access the K Series POS app. From the POS user page on the Back Office, you can assign different roles to the user so that only certain areas of the POS are available.


What’s next?

The following articles explain how to add, edit, import, export or assign users to a certain POS configuration:

  • From the Back Office, add a user account for every employee that will access Restaurant POS.
  • You can always edit a POS user if you ever wish to adjust their access permissions or need to archive (deactivate) the user.
  • Assign POS users to a configuration so that it is only visible in the K Series app for these assigned users.
  • If you would like to add several users to your Back Office at once or export data to save and print employee documentation beyond the Back Office, see Importing or exporting POS users.

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