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About POS users

Creating POS users allows your staff to perform their day-to-day responsibilities in the Lightspeed Restaurant app, such as clocking in and out, taking orders, and declaring tips. Once a POS user has been created, you can assign individual or group permissions to the user allowing them to access specific areas of the POS. 

For multi-location businesses, POS users only have access to the location they were initially created in, but can be given access to other business locations by configuring their user permissions. 

Image displays the landing page for editing POS users in the Lightspeed Restaurant Back Office.

Configuring POS users

From the Configuration > Users > POS users page, you can add, edit or delete users. The POS users page displays all users who can access the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app. From the POS user page on the Back Office, you can assign different roles to the user so that only certain areas of the POS are available.

Some employees only need POS access for clocking in and taking orders, while others may need more advanced access to handle administrative functions. We recommend managing POS user permissions in bulk at the user group level to ensure everyone can perform the necessary functions for their role and nothing more.

Reporting on POS users

Setting up individual POS users for each of your staff allows you track sales, attendance, and activity by employee.

  • Staff report: The Staff report provides sales data for each staff member who used the POS during the selected period.
  • Labor report: The Labor report displays shift data for a specific period by staff members, including tips, sales, discounts, hours worked for each employee, service charges, and voids.
  • Staff turnover: The Staff turnover report gives you a quick overview of the average revenue per employee over a certain period of time compared to the average performance of all employees.
  • Global turnover: The Global turnover report compares revenue on an annual scale to revenue at different times depending on staff and devices.
  • Monthly turnover: The exportable Monthly turnover report breaks down the daily revenue of each employee.

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