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About menu management

The menu management in Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) is essential for your daily business, since all items offered to your customer are added, modified and deleted from the menu management section of the Back Office. Add specific information to an item, such as modifiers (production instructions), which provide information on specific cooking instructions to the kitchen.

Items refer to standard food and beverage products that can be added to an order. They are organized by categories (accounting groups) and items can be combined to create combos. To use the items on your POS, sort them into one or several menus.

Accounting groups, or the categories you can group items within, are mandatory when creating items. An accounting group can have several settings which will apply to all items in the group, such as tax attributes (VAT) and production centers. Using production centers as printers, you can specify which printer should print the group's items. By using an organized group structure, you can efficiently manage your items. For example, all drinks can be printed on a printer at the bar.


What’s next?

Refer to the following articles to learn more about managing items, combos, categories, modifiers and menus from the Back Office:

  • If you would like to add items to your inventory or modify existing items, see About items.
  • Once you’ve created items, they can be combined to create combos.
  • Organize your items into categories (accounting groups).
  • Learn about modifiers, which can be production instructions or sub-items.
  • The menus section allows you to create specialized menus made up of main screens with items contained in each.

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