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Adding foreign currencies is useful for businesses located in countries where cross-border transactions are common. For example, since Switzerland borders France, some businesses will accept Euros in addition to Swiss Francs.

The default currency for your POS device varies according to your business location. For example, if your business is in the United States, then your POS device accepts US Dollar (USD).

To view the currencies used on your POS devices, log in to the Back Office and go to Configuration > Settings > Currencies.

Adding foreign currencies

To add foreign currencies:

  1. Contact Support to submit a request to add a foreign currency. Once the change has been made, Support will reach out letting you know the foreign currency has successfully been added to your account.
  2. Log in to the Back Office and go to Configuration > Settings > Currencies.
  3. Verify that the foreign currency appears on your account.Currencies.png
  4. Manually input the exchange rate between your base currency and the foreign currency.
  5. (Optional) To give change in the base currency, click the checkbox.
  6. Set up the foreign currency as a new payment method.
    1. From the navigation menu, select Configuration > Settings > Payment methods.
    2. Select Add a payment method.
    3. Select Cash in foreign currency as the payment method.
    4. Name the payment method according to the currency. For example, if you’re adding Euros, then the payment method should be named Euros.
    5. Select the Foreign currency code of the foreign currency you’d like to add. For example, if you’re adding Euros, then select EUR.Adding_foreign_currency_payment_method.png
    6. Click Save to finish setting up the foreign currency as a payment method.

Once you’ve added your foreign currency, you’re ready to start processing payments in foreign currency.

Processing payments in foreign currencies

To process payments in foreign currencies:

  1. Open the Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) POS app.
  2. Process payment for an order.
  3. Select the foreign currency as the payment method.Direct_sale_in_foreign_currency.png
  4. Complete the sale as usual. 

Once the payment is processed, the receipt will reflect both the local and foreign currencies.Receipt_for_foreign_currency.png



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