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About Reports

Lightspeed Restaurant's (K-Series) reports give you important insights into sales and staff data, so that you can more easily manage your business. Reports are organized into two pages in your back office: the Sales dashboard and the Reports page.

The Sales dashboard provides you with an assortment of graphs and statistics you can view for a quick summary of your restaurant's performance.

The Reports page lists quick links to all the reports available in your back office. You can specify the time period for a report, print it, or export the report as a .CSV file and save it your computer.


Your back office reports are divided into the following sections:

Report Description
Sales Reports Sales reports provide a detailed breakdown of your sold goods and services, with net and gross data for a specified time period.
Fiscal Reports Fiscal reports are also called financial reports or annual reports. These reports summarize all of the information and data pertaining to your business's financial performance during the fiscal year in question. These reports are important for tax purposes.
Location Reports Location reports contain consolidated data for all of the locations that are linked to your account.
Staff Reports View staff reports for information about employee shifts and sales, such as which employee was responsible for which sales during a specified time period.
Discounts and Corrections These reports contain information about order discounts and cancellations.
Account Reports Access these reports for information regarding accounts, such as open and closed orders, printed receipts, draft receipts, and transactions.


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