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About void reasons

A void reason is an explanation applied to a cancelled order or item. This helps ensure that orders or order items on the POS are only cancelled for reasons you deem relevant from the Back Office. What's more, you can also configure user settings so that only certain POS users have the ability to cancel an order or item. Set your void reasons from the Back Office that can be selected on the POS when a sent item should no longer be billed. For instance: damage or spillage.

Void reasons display on the cancellation report found on the Back Office. The report is called “Cancellation and corrections”. To find the report on the Back Office, select Business reporting > Business reports > Cancellation and corrections.

You define the stock movements for the void reason and if a receipt should be printed. You can also prevent a User Group from being able to void receipts. This is set up on the POS User or in the POS User Group.


What’s next?

Add void reasons to the Back Office that you wish to be selected on the POS.

If you need to remove void reasons, feel free to do so from the Back Office.

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