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About Advanced Insights 2.0

Advanced Insights 2.0 is currently available to Lightspeed Restaurant customers in Europe. To get access to this feature, contact your Sales Account Manager or Lightspeed Sales. For Lightspeed Restaurant customers in North America, Australia, and New Zealand, please visit our Advanced Insights page.

Lightspeed Advanced Insights is a reporting system that offers comprehensive access to your key business metrics. Data from completed sales is sorted into reports for each segment of your restaurant, from server performance to daily sales, to give you a clearer picture of how these segments contribute to the overall performance of your business.

To learn more about Advanced Insights, visit the following articles:

  • Filtering reports: Advanced Insights 2.0 offers multiple ways to filter reports to get the information you need. Learn how to use these filters to narrow information down.
  • Sales reports: Your sales data is broken down into three reports to help you identify sales trends and give you a snapshot of the financial state of your business. Discover your busiest days of the week, peak service hours, and popular times for repeat customers.
  • Menu reports: These reports offer insight into item popularity and ranking so that you can make more informed decisions about your menu items.
  • Staff reports: These reports display your sales data by server to give you a quick but insightful snapshot of an employee’s performance. You can view your server’s average sales by check or cover and compare a server’s performance to an overall average.

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