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Setting up the Otter integration

Otter is a restaurant management system that provides a single platform for restaurants to adjust menus and items, manage delivery and dine-in services, and monitor sales.

When integrated with Lightspeed Restaurant, Otter will synchronize your Lightspeed menu with all of the delivery platforms you use and enable automatic, real-time order ingestion into your POS. For more information, visit the Otter website.

Setting up Otter

To set up Otter, you will need to request a demo and configure settings in both Otter and Back Office. Otter will complete the integration once this is done.

  1. Request a demo from Otter.
  2. Once signed up, log into the Otter site and configure your delivery platforms.
  3. In Back Office, create a menu and add all items to be imported into Otter. Ensure that the payment methods Cash and Card exist on your account, and you've set up an account profile for delivery orders.
  4. Contact the Otter team to configure the integration between Otter and Lightspeed Restaurant POS.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Otter pulls and syncs your data from Lightspeed Restaurant every 6 hours for new items and prices, and in real-time for orders.

  • Otter currently supports English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Malay, Mandarin, Bahasa, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Irish, and Arabic.

  • For help with integration and support, reach out to hello@tryotter.com.

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