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Using the Home screen

The Home screen is the main lock screen where all users navigate to process transactions, clock in, view the floor plan, or scan a QR code. The Home screen is only visible once a sales period has been opened.

For more information about opening the POS, see Opening or closing a sales period.


Users who are already clocked in and process orders on the POS will see their names displayed on the Home screen. Only sales staff will display on the Home screen and only when they are clocked in. These clocked-in users can then tap their name on the Home screen to enter the Register screen. Depending on the permissions set up in the Back Office, active users with a pin or QR code may be required to submit their authentication info to enter the Register screen. 

To clock in or out, users tap the Clock in/out button on the bottom left of the screen. This will open the Clock in/out screen. Users who process orders on the POS must clock in before they are able to log on to the Register screen. See Clocking in and out for more information. 

To view the floor plan and tables that have orders in progress or are available for ordering, tap the View floor plan button.

To log in or out with a QR code, tap Scan QR code.

đź’ˇ What's the difference between clocking in and logging on?

Clocking in is when a user begins their user shift, and is a time-tracking tool for measuring shifts. Configured users, no matter if they process orders on the POS or are a non-ordering role (such as a chef) can clock in or out.

Logging on is when a clocked-in user accesses the Register screen. Only users who can process orders can log on to the Register screen. 


What's next? 

Start a user shift by clocking in. See Clocking in and out.

If you're a shift manager, you'll need to open a sales period so other sales staff can process orders on the POS. See Opening or closing a sales period

If a cash float has been enabled from the Back Office, users will need to count their float before and after a shift. See Counting a cash float

Employees can self-report, or declare, the amount of tips they leave with at the end of their user shift. To learn how to enable and use this feature, see Declaring tips.

Sales staff who access the Register screen also have access to certain user settings, according to their user type. See Understanding user settings



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