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Shift reports

The Shift report shows the sales and business data for the current sales period, a sales period on the current day, or the previous day's sales period. The Shift report does not include tax or accounting groups details. For more information about the data on the report, visit the POS report structure article. To learn how to access and print the report, see Accessing and printing POS reports.

A sales period is the period between when an employee starts it and the same or another employee ends it. It covers all sales and business transactions of all working employees in the specific period. It differs from a user shift report as that report only covers the sales and business data of a specific employee.

User and drawer reports are filed under the higher-level shift reports in Lightspeed Back Office. Therefore, you must always search for and click on the shift report first, and the corresponding user and drawer reports will be displayed below it.

Managers or owners who want specific information about the current status of the sales period will most often access this report.


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