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Fiscal reports

The Fiscal report shows all the sales data belonging to the timeframe from the beginning of the first sales period until auto-closing the business day at 5:29 AM the next day. For more information about the data on the report, visit the POS report structure article. To learn how to access and print the report, see Accessing and printing POS reports.

This report has two additional sections in its printed version which are not available when viewed on the POS screen: Taxes (shows net sales, tax amount, and gross sales) and Accounting groups (breaks down sales by the accounting groups set up in the Lightspeed Back Office).

It may be possible that differences appear between sales and payments. These differences are based on tables not settled from the previous business day those were transferred to the current business day. Keep in mind that the POS basically calculates all sales in a business day period, that is present from 5:30 AM to 5:29 AM the next day. This will add the sales for the transferred tables to the previous day and the payments to the current day.

If an employee forgets to close the sales period, the app will automatically close the period when an employee starts a new sales period. This late closing doesn’t affect the previously mentioned calculation of sales and payments.

The Fiscal report covers the entire business day. For this reason, the cash register stores the Fiscal report in the Back Office. It is not possible to print Fiscal reports for the current business day while the business day is still ongoing. If that information is needed, print the Period report instead. The POS prints the report after closing the last sales period of a business day if the user selects that option.

Managers, owners, or employees responsible for closing the sales period will most commonly access this report.


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