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About price lists

Change the selling price of items in bulk with the price lists feature. This feature is useful for updating standard selling prices when prices differ because of special offers like Happy Hour, or if you have multiple business locations with the same items available but the price varies based on the location.

Please note that the price list feature is included in the subscription but not enabled by default. It is activated on request by support.

A price list typically includes items listed in your Back Office but you may choose a price list template to use as a starting point. Templates are created based on the account profiles set up in the Back Office. The Standard price list is automatically created based on the account profile named Default profile and can be used to update the standard selling price of items.

Once a price list is created and new item prices are defined, apply the list to your devices so the new prices appear on the POS.

You can link price lists to account profiles to apply account profile settings to price lists. For example, if a time period is defined in an account profile and the price list is linked to the account profile, then the price list will only apply to the defined time period.

Visit the following articles to learn about managing price lists from the Back Office:


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