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About price lists

Important: Price lists are an optional feature and are not suitable for all restaurants. We only recommend using price lists if your restaurant:
  • Has several locations
  • Shares items between locations in Lightspeed
  • Requires complex pricing structures for different groups of locations

Continue reading to learn more about what price lists are, if you should use them, and how to activate this feature

Understanding price lists

Price lists allow you to create preset pricing schemes to apply to menu items based on restaurant location and account profile.

For example, you have 10 locations across five cities. With different prices in each city, you set up five price lists to apply the proper pricing in each location. For your daily drink specials, you link an account profile called Happy hour to an additional price list to automatically apply that pricing at a scheduled time. To update prices for all locations, you edit each price list from a single area of the Back Office.

Deciding whether to use price lists

Price lists are most useful for specific types of restaurants. We only recommend using price lists if your restaurant has several locations, shares items, and requires complex pricing structures for different groups of locations. Keep in mind that once you enable price lists, you cannot use other methods of updating prices.

Many restaurants find managing prices at the item level to be easier than using price lists. For example, you can add items with multiple prices, edit prices at the item level, and import prices.

Getting started with price lists

If you decide to use price lists, contact Support to request this feature be activated for your account. Price lists are not enabled by default, so it's necessary to reach out.

Visit the following articles to learn about managing price lists from the Back Office:


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